Why developing a strong brand is important for small businesses too!

Branding is more than just a memorable logo! A strong brand presence is important for your recognition; a recognisable brand promotes trust, and trust creates repeat custom.

A person’s perception of your company is built on your customer service, reputation, advertising and logo. When all of these elements are positive, you have a healthy brand.

Here are a few reasons why a strong brand will have a positive impact on your business…

A professional logo improves recognition

You only need to see the ‘tick’ of Nike, the ‘three stripes’ of Adidas or the golden arch of McDonalds to instantly recognise the company. A logo can be the ‘face’ of a company; it will appear on every piece of correspondence and advertising. Logo design is a critical part of your business – large or small. A professional logo is simple enough to remember whilst strong enough to give the desired impression of your company.

Good branding creates trust

Your appearance is critical to building credibility and trust. If your logo looks amateurish and cheap, this is the view you are projecting of your company. People do judge a book by its cover, we are highly visual beings after all, and people are more likely to deal with a business whose appearance is professional, polished and legitimate.

Your branding generates new customers

Word of mouth referrals are the most profitable form of advertising; it’s free and they’re more likely to become a customer if someone they trust has recommended your business to them. However, if you can’t remember the name of a company, you can’t tell your friends about them.

Memorable experiences drive word of mouth referrals, and a strong brand leaves an indelible impression.

Inspire your employees with your branding

For many employees, a job isn’t simply just a job! People like to feel apart of something and have a vision of something to work towards. A strong brand can help your employees understand your vision and take pride in their work so that they too can share a common goal.

There’s one thing in common between all the most profitable companies, big and small. They have all built a strong brand that has established them as leaders in their industry. Your brand is intrinsic to the success of your company; at Defthaus we know how to build a strong brand for your company.